(Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver and Crystal Versions)

Swift is a Normal-type move. Swift is contained in TM39.


The following Pokémon can use Swift:

Pokémon Learnt
Pineco by breedingGSC
Pikachu at level 26RB
Sandshrew at level 30GSC
Sandshrew at level 31RBY
Sandslash at level 33GSC
Sandslash at level 36RBY
Magnemite at level 33GSC
Magnemite at level 41RBY
Magneton at level 35GS
Magneton at level 46RBY
Voltorb at level 36RBY
Voltorb at level 37GSC
Electrode at level 40
Staryu at level 25GSC
Staryu at level 32RBY
Electabuzz at level 25GSC
Mewtwo at level 1RBY
Mewtwo at level 22GSC
Cyndaquil at level 36GSC
Quilava at level 42GSC
Typhlosion at level 45GSC
Ledyba at level 36GSC
Ledian at level 42GSC
Aipom at level 27GSC
Yanma at level 37GS
Espeon at level 30GSC
Skarmory at level 19GSC
Elekid at level 25GSC
Lugia at level 66GSC
Ho-oh at level 66GSC
Charmander from TM39
Charmeleon from TM39
Charizard from TM39
Butterfree from TM39
Beedrill from TM39
Pidgey from TM39
Pidgeotto from TM39
Pidgeot from TM39
Rattata from TM39
Raticate from TM39
Spearow from TM39
Fearow from TM39
Pikachu from TM39
Raichu from TM39
Sandshrew from TM39
Sandslash from TM39
Vulpix from TM39
Ninetales from TM39
Zubat from TM39
Golbat from TM39
Venonat from TM39GSC
Venomoth from TM39
Meowth from TM39
Persian from TM39
Psyduck from TM39
Golduck from TM39
Mankey from TM39
Primeape from TM39
Growlithe from TM39
Arcanine from TM39
Ponyta from TM39
Rapidash from TM39
Slowpoke from TM39
Slowbro from TM39
Magnemite from TM39
Magneton from TM39
Farfetch'd from TM39
Doduo from TM39GSC
Dodrio from TM39GSC
Shellder from TM39
Cloyster from TM39
Voltorb from TM39
Electrode from TM39
Hitmonlee from TM39
Hitmonchan from TM39
Horsea from TM39
Seadra from TM39
Goldeen from TM39
Seaking from TM39
Staryu from TM39
Starmie from TM39
Scyther from TM39
Electabuzz from TM39
Eevee from TM39
Vaporeon from TM39
Jolteon from TM39
Flareon from TM39
Porygon from TM39
Aerodactyl from TM39
Articuno from TM39
Zapdos from TM39
Moltres from TM39
Dratini from TM39
Dragonair from TM39
Dragonite from TM39
Mewtwo from TM39GSC
Mew from TM39
Cyndaquil from TM39GSC
Quilava from TM39GSC
Typhlosion from TM39GSC
Sentret from TM39GSC
Furret from TM39GSC
Hoothoot from TM39GSC
Noctowl from TM39GSC
Ledyba from TM39GSC
Ledian from TM39GSC
Crobat from TM39GSC
Pichu from TM39GSC
Togepi from TM39GSC
Togetic from TM39GSC
Natu from TM39GSC
Xatu from TM39GSC
Mareep from TM39GSC
Flaaffy from TM39GSC
Ampharos from TM39GSC
Marill from TM39GSC
Azumarill from TM39GSC
Aipom from TM39GSC
Yanma from TM39GSC
Espeon from TM39GSC
Umbreon from TM39GSC
Murkrow from TM39GSC
Slowking from TM39GSC
Misdreavus from TM39GSC
Girafarig from TM39GSC
Gligar from TM39GSC
Qwilfish from TM39GSC
Scizor from TM39GSC
Sneasel from TM39GSC
Teddiursa from TM39GSC
Ursaring from TM39GSC
Remoraid from TM39GSC
Octillery from TM39GSC
Delibird from TM39GSC
Mantine from TM39GSC
Skarmory from TM39GSC
Houndour from TM39GSC
Houndoom from TM39GSC
Kingdra from TM39GSC
Porygon2 from TM39GSC
Stantler from TM39GSC
Tyrogue from TM39GSC
Hitmontop from TM39GSC
Elekid from TM39GSC
Raikou from TM39GSC
Entei from TM39GSC
Suicune from TM39GSC
Lugia from TM39GSC
Ho-oh from TM39GSC
Celebi from TM39GSC

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