My Little Pony: Collectible Card Game

The pages on my site that regard the My Little Pony Collectible Card Game.

PonyHead to decklist

Converts PH links to SVG decklists. Just like the "Enterplay Decklist" button on PH, but with a much smaller file size.

PonyHead to print-and-play

Converts PH links to PDF documents with images from print-and-play sets.

Official Card Reference database

Searchable and sortable copy of the OCR.

Pack generator

Generates virtual packs, boxes and sealed pools for all sets.

Hand generator

Unlike most links on the internet, this is not a webpage of itself but rather a bookmarklet. Think of it like a Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey script, except it's an activated ability rather than a "when this webpage enters play". To use this hand generator, first bookmark (don't just click it from here, that won't do anything) this link: hand generator. Then, whenever you're looking at a deck in PonyHead, click that bookmark to generate a sample starting hand.

Friend tokens

My own custom tokens based on templates by Droakir. A zip of all the cards can be found here (15 MB).

Equestria GirlsPegasusRockEarth PonyFigmentUnicornCritter
Generation 1PegasusRockEarth PonyFigmentUnicornCritterSeashell
Bad punsPegasusRockEarth PonyFigmentUnicornCritterSeashell
Twilight SparklePegasusRockEarth PonyFigmentUnicornCritter