(Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal Versions)

Hoothoot is a Normal/Flying-type Pokémon.

No Pokémon evolve into Hoothoot. Hoothoot evolves into Noctowl at level 20.


Gold Silver Crystal
Hoothoot sprite
shiny Hoothoot sprite
Hoothoot sprite
shiny Hoothoot sprite
Hoothoot sprite
shiny Hoothoot sprite

Base Stats

Special Attack36
Special Defense56


Number 163: Hoothoot, the Owl Pokémon. Height: 2'4", Weight: 47.0lbs.

Gold Silver Crystal
It always stands
on one foot. It
changes feet so
fast, the movement
can rarely be
It has a perfect
sense of time.
Whatever happens,
it keeps rhythm by
precisely tilting
its head in time.
It begins to hoot
at the same time
every day. Some
trainers use them
in place of


Hoothoot can use the following moves:

Move Learnt
Wing Attack by breeding
Whirlwind by breeding
Supersonic by breeding
Mirror Move by breeding
Sky Attack by breedingC
Faint Attack by breeding
Fly from HM02
Flash from HM05
Tackle at level 1
Growl at level 1
Foresight at level 6
Peck at level 11
Hypnosis at level 16
Reflect at level 22
Take Down at level 28
Confusion at level 34
Dream Eater at level 48
Curse from TM03
Toxic from TM06
Hidden Power from TM10
Sunny Day from TM11
Snore from TM13
Protect from TM17
Endure from TM20
Frustration from TM21
Return from TM27
Mud-slap from TM31
Double Team from TM32
Swagger from TM34
Sleep Talk from TM35
Swift from TM39
Dream Eater from TM42
Detect from TM43
Rest from TM44
Attract from TM45
Thief from TM46
Steel Wing from TM47
Nightmare from TM50

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