Faint Attack

(Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal Versions)

Faint Attack is a Dark-type move.


The following Pokémon can use Faint Attack:

Pokémon Learnt
Pidgey by breeding
Spearow by breeding
Vulpix by breeding
Zubat by breeding
Diglett by breeding
Doduo by breeding
Hoothoot by breeding
Igglybuff by breeding
Natu by breeding
Snubbull by breeding
Meowth at level 28
Persian at level 29
Sudowoodo at level 37
Umbreon at level 36
Murkrow at level 31
Gligar at level 28
Sneasel at level 25
Teddiursa at level 22
Ursaring at level 22
Houndour at level 27
Houndoom at level 30

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