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Cloyster is a Water/Ice-type Pokémon.

Shellder evolves into Cloyster when exposed to the Water Stone. Cloyster does not evolve.


Red Blue Yellow Gold Silver Crystal
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Cloyster sprite
shiny Cloyster sprite
Cloyster sprite
shiny Cloyster sprite

Base Stats

Special Attack85GSC
Special Defense45GSC


Number 091: Cloyster, the Bivalve Pokémon. Height: 4'11", Weight: 292.0lbs.

Red and Blue Yellow Gold Silver Crystal
When attacked, it
launches its
horns in quick
volleys. Its
innards have
never been seen.
For protection, it
uses its harder-
shell. It also
shoots spikes from
the shell.
Once it slams its
shell shut, it is
impossible to
open, even by
those with superi-
or strength.
CLOYSTER that live
in seas with harsh
tidal currents
grow large, sharp
spikes on their
Even a missile
can't break the
spikes it uses to
stab opponents.
They're even hard-
er than its shell.


Cloyster can use the following moves:

Move Learnt
Surf from HM03
Whirlpool from HM06GSC
Supersonic at level 1
Aurora Beam at level 1
Withdraw at level 1
Clamp at level 1RBY
Protect at level 1GSC
Spikes at level 33C
Spike Cannon at level 41GSC
Spike Cannon at level 50RBY
Curse from TM03GSC
Toxic from TM06
Take Down from TM09RBY
Double-edge from TM10RBY
Hidden Power from TM10GSC
Bubblebeam from TM11RBY
Water Gun from TM12RBY
Ice Beam from TM13RBY
Snore from TM13GSC
Blizzard from TM14
Hyper Beam from TM15
Icy Wind from TM16GSC
Protect from TM17GSC
Rain Dance from TM18GSC
Rage from TM20RBY
Endure from TM20GSC
Frustration from TM21GSC
Return from TM27GSC
Teleport from TM30RBY
Mimic from TM31RBY
Double Team from TM32
Reflect from TM33RBY
Bide from TM34RBY
Swagger from TM34GSC
Sleep Talk from TM35GSC
Selfdestruct from TM36RBY
Swift from TM39
Rest from TM44
Attract from TM45GSC
Explosion from TM47RBY
Tri Attack from TM49RBY
Substitute from TM50RBY
Ice Beam from a Move TutorC

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