(Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver and Crystal Versions)

Horsea is a Water-type Pokémon.

No Pokémon evolve into Horsea. Horsea evolves into Seadra at level 32.


Red Blue Yellow Gold Silver Crystal
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Horsea sprite
shiny Horsea sprite
Horsea sprite
shiny Horsea sprite

Base Stats

Special Attack70GSC
Special Defense25GSC


Number 116: Horsea, the Dragon Pokémon. Height: 1'4", Weight: 18.0lbs.

Red and Blue Yellow Gold Silver Crystal
Known to shoot
down flying bugs
with precision
blasts of ink
from the surface
of the water.
If it senses any
danger, it will
vigorously spray
water or a special
type of ink from
its mouth.
If attacked by a
larger enemy, it
quickly swims to
safety by adeptly
controlling its
dorsal fin.
Its big, developed
fins move rapidly,
allowing it to
swim backward
while still facing
When they're in a
safe location,
they can be seen
playfully tangling
their tails


Horsea can use the following moves:

Move Learnt
Disable by breedingGSC
Aurora Beam by breedingGSC
Dragon Rage by breedingGSC
Splash by breedingGSC
Flail by breedingGSC
Octazooka by breedingGSC
Surf from HM03
Whirlpool from HM06GSC
Waterfall from HM07GSC
Bubble at level 1
Smokescreen at level 8GSC
Leer at level 15GSC
Smokescreen at level 19RBY
Water Gun at level 22GSC
Leer at level 24RBY
Twister at level 29GSC
Water Gun at level 30RBY
Agility at level 36GSC
Agility at level 37RBY
Hydro Pump at level 43GSC
Hydro Pump at level 45RBY
Headbutt from TM02GSC
Curse from TM03GSC
Toxic from TM06
Take Down from TM09RBY
Double-edge from TM10RBY
Hidden Power from TM10GSC
Bubblebeam from TM11RBY
Water Gun from TM12RBY
Ice Beam from TM13RBY
Snore from TM13GSC
Blizzard from TM14
Icy Wind from TM16GSC
Protect from TM17GSC
Rain Dance from TM18GSC
Rage from TM20RBY
Endure from TM20GSC
Frustration from TM21GSC
Dragonbreath from TM24GSC
Return from TM27GSC
Mimic from TM31RBY
Double Team from TM32
Bide from TM34RBY
Swagger from TM34GSC
Sleep Talk from TM35GSC
Swift from TM39
Skull Bash from TM40RBY
Rest from TM44
Attract from TM45GSC
Substitute from TM50RBY
Ice Beam from a Move TutorC

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