(Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver and Crystal Versions)

Voltorb is an Electric-type Pokémon.

No Pokémon evolve into Voltorb. Voltorb evolves into Electrode at level 30.


Red Blue Yellow Gold Silver Crystal
Voltorb sprite Voltorb sprite Voltorb sprite Voltorb sprite
shiny Voltorb sprite
Voltorb sprite
shiny Voltorb sprite
Voltorb sprite
shiny Voltorb sprite

Base Stats

Special Attack55GSC
Special Defense55GSC


Number 100: Voltorb, the Ball Pokémon. Height: 1'8", Weight: 23.0lbs.

Red and Blue Yellow Gold Silver Crystal
Usually found in
power plants.
Easily mistaken
for a POKé BALL,
they have zapped
many people.
It is said to
camouflage itself
as a POKé BALL. It
will self-destruct
with very little
It rolls to move.
If the ground is
uneven, a sudden
jolt from hitting
a bump can cause
it to explode.
It was discovered
were introduced.
It is said that
there is some
During the study
of this POKéMON,
it was discovered
that its compo-
nents are not
found in nature.


Voltorb can use the following moves:

Move Learnt
Flash from HM05
Tackle at level 1
Screech at level 1RBY
Screech at level 9GSC
Sonicboom at level 17
Selfdestruct at level 22RBY
Selfdestruct at level 23GSC
Light Screen at level 29RBY
Rollout at level 29GSC
Light Screen at level 33GSC
Swift at level 36RBY
Swift at level 37GSC
Explosion at level 39GSC
Mirror Coat at level 41GSC
Explosion at level 43RBY
Headbutt from TM02GSC
Curse from TM03GSC
Rollout from TM04GSC
Toxic from TM06
Zap Cannon from TM07GSC
Take Down from TM09RBY
Hidden Power from TM10GSC
Snore from TM13GSC
Protect from TM17GSC
Rain Dance from TM18GSC
Rage from TM20RBY
Endure from TM20GSC
Frustration from TM21GSC
Thunderbolt from TM24RBY
Thunder from TM25
Return from TM27GSC
Teleport from TM30RBY
Mimic from TM31RBY
Double Team from TM32
Reflect from TM33RBY
Bide from TM34RBY
Swagger from TM34GSC
Sleep Talk from TM35GSC
Selfdestruct from TM36RBY
Swift from TM39
Rest from TM44
Thunder Wave from TM45RBY
Explosion from TM47RBY
Substitute from TM50RBY
Thunderbolt from a Move TutorC

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