(Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver and Crystal Versions)

Earthquake is a Ground-type move. Earthquake is contained in TM26.


The following Pokémon can use Earthquake:

Pokémon Learnt
Diglett at level 40RBY
Diglett at level 41GSC
Dugtrio at level 47RBY
Dugtrio at level 49GSC
Geodude at level 31RBY
Geodude at level 36GSC
Graveler at level 36RBY
Graveler at level 41GSC
Golem at level 36RBY
Golem at level 41GSC
Rhyhorn at level 55GSC
Rhydon at level 65GSC
Wooper at level 31GSC
Quagsire at level 35GSC
Donphan at level 49GSC
Larvitar at level 50GSC
Pupitar at level 56GSC
Tyranitar at level 61GSC
Charizard from TM26
Blastoise from TM26
Ekans from TM26
Arbok from TM26
Sandshrew from TM26
Sandslash from TM26
Nidoqueen from TM26
Nidoking from TM26
Diglett from TM26
Dugtrio from TM26
Poliwhirl from TM26
Poliwrath from TM26
Machop from TM26
Machoke from TM26
Machamp from TM26
Geodude from TM26
Graveler from TM26
Golem from TM26
Slowpoke from TM26
Slowbro from TM26
Onix from TM26
Cubone from TM26
Marowak from TM26
Lickitung from TM26
Rhyhorn from TM26
Rhydon from TM26
Kangaskhan from TM26
Tauros from TM26
Aerodactyl from TM26GSC
Snorlax from TM26
Mew from TM26
Meganium from TM26GSC
Typhlosion from TM26GSC
Feraligatr from TM26GSC
Sudowoodo from TM26GSC
Politoed from TM26GSC
Wooper from TM26GSC
Quagsire from TM26GSC
Slowking from TM26GSC
Girafarig from TM26GSC
Steelix from TM26GSC
Shuckle from TM26GSC
Heracross from TM26GSC
Teddiursa from TM26GSC
Ursaring from TM26GSC
Magcargo from TM26GSC
Swinub from TM26GSC
Piloswine from TM26GSC
Corsola from TM26GSC
Phanpy from TM26GSC
Donphan from TM26GSC
Stantler from TM26GSC
Miltank from TM26GSC
Larvitar from TM26GSC
Pupitar from TM26GSC
Tyranitar from TM26GSC
Lugia from TM26GSC
Ho-oh from TM26GSC

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