(Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver and Crystal Versions)

Psychic is a Psychic-type move. Psychic is contained in TM29.


The following Pokémon can use Psychic:

Pokémon Learnt
Psyduck by breedingGSC
Venonat at level 41GSC
Venonat at level 43RBY
Venomoth at level 50RBY
Venomoth at level 52GSC
Kadabra at level 38
Alakazam at level 38
Slowpoke at level 48
Slowbro at level 54GSC
Slowbro at level 55RBY
Drowzee at level 32RBY
Drowzee at level 40GSC
Hypno at level 37RBY
Hypno at level 49GSC
Mewtwo at level 1RBY
Mewtwo at level 66
Mew at level 40
Spinarak at level 53GSC
Ariados at level 63GSC
Natu at level 50GSC
Xatu at level 65GSC
Espeon at level 47GSC
Slowking at level 48GSC
Smoochum at level 37GSC
Butterfree from TM29
Clefairy from TM29
Clefable from TM29
Jigglypuff from TM29
Wigglytuff from TM29
Venonat from TM29
Venomoth from TM29
Poliwag from TM29
Poliwhirl from TM29
Poliwrath from TM29
Abra from TM29
Kadabra from TM29
Alakazam from TM29
Slowpoke from TM29
Slowbro from TM29
Gastly from TM29
Haunter from TM29
Gengar from TM29
Drowzee from TM29
Hypno from TM29
Exeggcute from TM29
Exeggutor from TM29
Chansey from TM29
Staryu from TM29
Starmie from TM29
Mr.mime from TM29
Jynx from TM29
Electabuzz from TM29
Magmar from TM29
Lapras from TM29
Porygon from TM29
Snorlax from TM29
Mewtwo from TM29
Mew from TM29
Spinarak from TM29GSC
Ariados from TM29GSC
Cleffa from TM29GSC
Igglybuff from TM29GSC
Togepi from TM29GSC
Togetic from TM29GSC
Natu from TM29GSC
Xatu from TM29GSC
Politoed from TM29GSC
Espeon from TM29GSC
Umbreon from TM29GSC
Slowking from TM29GSC
Misdreavus from TM29GSC
Girafarig from TM29GSC
Corsola from TM29GSC
Porygon2 from TM29GSC
Stantler from TM29GSC
Smoochum from TM29GSC
Elekid from TM29GSC
Magby from TM29GSC
Blissey from TM29GSC
Lugia from TM29GSC
Ho-oh from TM29GSC
Celebi from TM29GSC

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