(Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal Versions)

Blissey is a Normal-type Pokémon.

Chansey evolves into Blissey with high friendship. Blissey does not evolve.


Gold Silver Crystal
Blissey sprite
shiny Blissey sprite
Blissey sprite
shiny Blissey sprite
Blissey sprite
shiny Blissey sprite

Base Stats

Special Attack75
Special Defense135


Number 242: Blissey, the Happiness Pokémon. Height: 4'11", Weight: 103.0lbs.

Gold Silver Crystal
Anyone who takes
even one bite of
BLISSEY's egg be-
comes unfailingly
caring and pleas-
ant to everyone.
It has a very com-
passionate nature.
If it sees a sick
POKéMON, it will
nurse the sufferer
back to health.
Biting into one
of the delicious
eggs that BLISSEY
provides will make
everyone around
smile with joy.


Blissey can use the following moves:

Move Learnt
Strength from HM04
Flash from HM05
Pound at level 1
Growl at level 4
Tail Whip at level 7
Softboiled at level 10
Doubleslap at level 13
Minimize at level 18
Sing at level 23
Egg Bomb at level 28
Defense Curl at level 33
Light Screen at level 40
Double-edge at level 47
Dynamicpunch from TM01
Headbutt from TM02
Curse from TM03
Rollout from TM04
Toxic from TM06
Zap Cannon from TM07
Rock Smash from TM08
Hidden Power from TM10
Sunny Day from TM11
Snore from TM13
Blizzard from TM14
Hyper Beam from TM15
Icy Wind from TM16
Protect from TM17
Rain Dance from TM18
Endure from TM20
Frustration from TM21
Solarbeam from TM22
Thunder from TM25
Return from TM27
Psychic from TM29
Shadow Ball from TM30
Mud-slap from TM31
Double Team from TM32
Swagger from TM34
Sleep Talk from TM35
Sandstorm from TM37
Fire Blast from TM38
Defense Curl from TM40
Dream Eater from TM42
Rest from TM44
Attract from TM45
Flamethrower from a Move TutorC
Ice Beam from a Move TutorC
Thunderbolt from a Move TutorC

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