Package smithers.logicpuzzles

Interface Summary
Puzzle Interface representing a logic puzzle.
PuzzleGraphics Interface for graphical representations of logic puzzles.
PuzzleSolver<P extends Puzzle,Q extends PuzzleState<P>> Interface representing a solver for a certain type of logic puzzle.
PuzzleState<P extends Puzzle> Interface representing a "state" of a logic puzzle - that is, some stage along an attempt at solving it.

Class Summary
AbstractPuzzleSolver<P extends Puzzle,Q extends PuzzleState<P>> Class to aid implementations of PuzzleSolver.
Hanjie Class to store a hanjie puzzle.
HanjieBuilder Creates hanjie puzzles from image files.
HanjieSolver Class containing a solver for hanjie puzzles.
HanjieState Class to store the state of a hanjie puzzle.
Mosaic Represents a mosaic puzzle.
MosaicMaker Makes mosaic puzzles from images.
MosaicSolver Solves mosaic puzzles.
MosaicState Represents a state of a mosaic puzzle.
PuzzleComponent A Component backed by a logic puzzle.
Slitherlink Represents a slitherlink puzzle.
SlitherlinkSolver Solver for slitherlink puzzles.
SlitherlinkState Represents a state of a slitherlink puzzle.

Exception Summary
ImmutablePuzzleException Exception to be thrown when a method call attempts to modify a puzzle created by Puzzle.makeImmutableCopy().
PuzzleFormatException Exception to be thrown when a puzzle input file does not match the required format.