(Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver and Crystal Versions)

Seel is a Water-type Pokémon.

No Pokémon evolve into Seel. Seel evolves into Dewgong at level 34.


Red Blue Yellow Gold Silver Crystal
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shiny Seel sprite
Seel sprite
shiny Seel sprite
Seel sprite
shiny Seel sprite

Base Stats

Special Attack45GSC
Special Defense70GSC


Number 086: Seel, the Sea Lion Pokémon. Height: 3'7", Weight: 198.0lbs.

Red and Blue Yellow Gold Silver Crystal
The protruding
horn on its head
is very hard.
It is used for
bashing through
thick ice.
Loves freezing
cold conditions.
Relishes swimming
in a frigid cli-
mate of around 14F
Although it can't
walk well on land,
it is a graceful
swimmer. It espe-
cially loves being
in frigid seas.
In daytime, it is
often found asleep
on the seabed in
shallow waters.
Its nostrils close
while it swims.
The light blue fur
that covers it
keeps it protected
against the cold.
It loves iceberg-
filled oceans.


Seel can use the following moves:

Move Learnt
Slam by breedingGSC
Disable by breedingGSC
Peck by breedingGSC
Lick by breedingGSC
Perish Song by breedingGSC
Encore by breedingGSC
Surf from HM03
Strength from HM04RBY
Whirlpool from HM06GSC
Waterfall from HM07GSC
Headbutt at level 1
Growl at level 5GSC
Aurora Beam at level 16GSC
Rest at level 21GSC
Growl at level 30RBY
Take Down at level 32GSC
Aurora Beam at level 35RBY
Ice Beam at level 37GSC
Rest at level 40RBY
Take Down at level 45RBY
Safeguard at level 48GSC
Ice Beam at level 50RBY
Headbutt from TM02GSC
Curse from TM03GSC
Toxic from TM06
Horn Drill from TM07RBY
Body Slam from TM08RBY
Take Down from TM09RBY
Double-edge from TM10RBY
Hidden Power from TM10GSC
Bubblebeam from TM11RBY
Water Gun from TM12RBY
Ice Beam from TM13RBY
Snore from TM13GSC
Blizzard from TM14
Pay Day from TM16RBY
Icy Wind from TM16GSC
Protect from TM17GSC
Rain Dance from TM18GSC
Rage from TM20RBY
Endure from TM20GSC
Frustration from TM21GSC
Return from TM27GSC
Mimic from TM31RBY
Double Team from TM32
Bide from TM34RBY
Swagger from TM34GSC
Sleep Talk from TM35GSC
Skull Bash from TM40RBY
Rest from TM44
Attract from TM45GSC
Substitute from TM50RBY
Ice Beam from a Move TutorC

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