Chess: a board game made popular by the 2020 Netflix series The Queen's Gambit and then made unpopular again by the 2022 Carlsen/Niemann debacle. Abhors Hilarity: a card game for people who hate themselves.

MLP Draft: draft the My Little Pony CCG from Print and Play boosters or a digital copy of I8Pages' cube.

Simple "games" used to test the software

RPS: a chatroom where you can challenge anyone to rock-paper-scissors or variants.

Random number generator: distributed random number generation that even the server can't rig.

To create a different room, simply replace "default" in the above links with your chosen room name. NOTE: Requires Javascript. It also requires other features which may be missing from older browsers. Supported browsers include Chrome 46+, Edge 12+, Firefox 24+ and Safari 10+.